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A charity organisation which was founded 22 years ago. Our aim is to provide sustainable help to orphaned and very poor children who come from remote farms in mountainous areas. Such children always have a tragic past and lack normal family structure and schooling.

All board members who work on a voluntary basis, which is why our association expenditure on the average amounts to well below 5% p.a.

Represented in Sikkim by our partner organisation HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION of SIKKIM (HDFS) who runs our three homes and the school.

An association that takes its duty of supervision seriously and visits our foundation one to two times annually.

CHILDREN of SIKKIM FOUNDATION (COSF) is an official organisation in Switzerland. The honorary board members are elected at the annual general meeting. In accordance with the Statutes of Direct Aid, all donations and other earnings serve to achieve our goals.


CHILDREN OF SIKKIM FOUNDATION (COSF) is a charity, which provides orphaned, half orphaned and deprived children from the remote, mountainous areas of Sikkim with a warm-caring, secure home, including medical care and preparation for their future adult lives. They are given the opportunity to attend school at both primary and secondary levels and, after having successfully completed the final secondary examinations (general qualification for university entrance), the young people may also benefit from vocational and study counselling.

Child and teacher sponsorships, in addition to donations, enable us to optimally cooperate with our partner organisation HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION OF SIKKIM (HDFS) in Gangtok, which guarantees the schooling and care of the children.

Due to the high reputation that our school enjoys, families from neighbouring villages are eager to send their children to us.

Ursula Schoepfer (President)    ursula.schoepfer@cosf.ch
Martin Wegmüller (Vice President, Fundraising)martin.wegmueller@cosf.ch
Fred Notter (Honorary President)  fred.notter@cosf.ch
André Knubel (Finance) andre.knubel@cosf.ch
Rita Künzli (Administration Godchildren and Godparents)    rita.kuenzli@cosf.ch
Sabine Merz (Infrastructure)   sabine.merz@cosf.ch
Ruth Oberlin (Public Relations)   ruth.oberlin@cosf.ch


Human Development Foundation of Sikkim (HDFS)

The Human Development Foundation of Sikkim (HDFS) is our local partner organisation.


  • Is responsible for school and homes.
  • Hires all teachers and staff.
  • is responsible for the mandatory subjects and ensures teaching of indigenous languages and their culture.

Today, more than 20 employees and 30 teachers look after the welfare and education of around 300 children. Some of our staff spent their school days and youth in our organisation and are proud to pass on their knowledge to our children!

In India our partner organisation is registered as a trust. As such, the Executive Board of HDFS is responsible to the Indian Government (Ministry of Tribal Affairs) and is subject to a periodic audit. The foundation is currently the sole charitable project to be authorized under the “Foreign Contribution (Regulations) Act” to receive funding from abroad. About a quarter of the annual operating costs are borne by India. In 2003 HDFS was awarded with the National Award for Children's Welfare by the Indian government.

The co-founder of the charity, Miss Keepu Lepcha, enjoys a high reputation and is referred to as "Mother Theresa of Sikkim". (She belongs to the oldest indigenous tribe: Together with the Bhutias, the Lepchas represent the indigenous population of Sikkim.)


Miss Keepu Lepcha

Miss Keepu Lepcha is the co-founder of our charity and belongs to the oldest indigenous tribe of Sikkim. She enjoys a very high reputation and is called „Mother Theresa of Sikkim“.


Our Teachers

Our Domestic Staff

Profit and loss account in CHF2018%
Total revenues COSF337'849100,0

Administrative expences COSF


Project expenses Sikkim (transfers to HDFS)

Surplus revenues 20187'088 


All board members are working on a honorary basis. Therefore, the ratio of administrative expense on a long-term basis is well below 5%. This means that more than 95% of all donations go towards our project in Sikkim for the benefit of the children.

In 2018 we had to renew several IT tools. This and the planning of our new home for small children have led to a temporary increase of administrative cost. It will fall well below 5% again in 2019.

In 1995 Christina Notter and Jürg Eugster, two young Swiss people who were part of a small group of tourists, visited the former Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim, a semi-autonomous state in India since 1975.

They were greatly impressed by the beauty of the densely, overgrown, mountainous landscape and the deeply rooted, Buddhist way of life, but were appalled by the many needy children who had been abandoned to fend for themselves and with no possibility of a future life and education. As a result, the CHILDREN of SIKKIM FOUNDATION (COSF) was founded a year later in 1996.

Lepcha Cottage infant home:

At the time, the highly esteemed Miss Keepu Lepcha generously cared for twenty small orphans in her private home.  Not only did her Lepcha infant home become part of COSF, but Miss Keepu also provided a plot of land outside Gangtok for the construction of a children's village with a school and 2 homes for the children.

In 1998 our local partner organisation HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION OF SIKKIM (HDFS) was founded and registered by the Indian Ministry of the Interior.

More than 250 people from Europe, mostly from Switzerland, but also many from Norway and Germany, have become ‚godparents/sponsors of a child. Private donors, companies and public institutions also support the foundation.