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Child sponsorship

By sponsoring a child you are helping a child in need to have a carefree childhood, a good education and a base for a good future.

Children‘s sponsorships generally serve to support a child up to the end of the 10th grade (intermediate school leaving certificate) or the 12th grade (final examination). We cover all living costs, including medical care.

Children who leave school after the 10th grade are financially supported with vocational counselling and further technical training.

Sponsors (godparents) may continue to support their godchild on a private basis if the student successfully completes the 12th grade and wishes to continue with further studies.

Students are supported through our student fund if they no longer receive direct support from their godparents.

The costs for a child sponsorship amount to CHF 540 per year. This amount covers half of the yearly costs only.

It can happen that a sponsorship has to be cancelled early. This is of course possible.

A child sponsorship enables the establishment of a personal relationship with the sponsored child, if you wish. Communication has become easy and can be very enriching for both sides.

Godparents repeatedly visit our project, as happened in October 2018, when a larger group travelled to Sikkim to get to know their godchild and visit the whole campus.


Student sponsorship

In the case of a student sponsorship, the amounts flow into the student fund. As long as the sponsorship is not revoked, an invoice will be sent annually.


Teacher sponsorship

The teacher sponsorship secures the salary of our teachers. As long as the sponsorship is not revoked, an invoice will be sent annually.

Many of our sponsors are members of our association and hence can actively participate in the concerns of COSF. They are entitled to vote at the annual general meetings and can contribute votes and ideas.

New memberships always bring a welcome addition to our association’s account to help another child!